Dear Glen friends,

In the light of our new AKC status it is clear that we all have increasing concerns about the future of our breed.  It is likely that every owner and breeder is going to be questioned in some way about how to characterize Glens. It is critical that a clear and honest picture be painted for future owners and for ourselves. A number of us have been working to formulate guidelines for Glen Rescue, and  one of the most difficult things about rescue is typically what none of us wants to hear - that a dog is being given up because it has a temperament/training/aggression problem.  We have no idea at the present time how often this kind of problem will become an issue, or how much it is already an issue. When an owner contacts Glen rescue with a problem it is critical that we have some means for comparison, so that we can at least begin to see some patterns. We are hoping to gather information that will help us all know more about our breed. What we DO know is that temperament is a concern for Glen owners.

To this end, we are asking owners to fill out this questionnaire.  It is not necessary to share your name, nor the name of your dog, or your breeder unless you wish to do so.  This is an anonymous survey.

We know that temperament can be a delicate area to talk about, but we feel it is a most important one.  Please take the time to share your information with the greater Glen Community.

All answers to this survey will be taken out of email submissions with the headers removed so that your email address info is not shared.  The person who will have access initially to the email sender info will be our designated tabulator, Mr. Bill Amaral.  This sender information will remain confidential. Information can be either submitted here electronically, or you may click on printable form at the bottom of the page to print a form to complete and send by regular mail.

The data will be compiled and the results published for anyone who is interested. Specific names of owners and dogs, if you have chosen to disclose that, will NOT be included in the results.

Many thanks to you all,

Glen of Imaal Terrier Rescue Foundation
Holly Best  (Temp. Chair)  -  207 452 8034
Gary Duffy
Bill Amaral
Cindy Crawford


Glen of Imaal Terrier Temperament Survey

NOTE:  IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS!  This is an anonymous survey. You are welcome to share your name, but it is not necessary.  Please fill out ONE SURVEY FOR EACH GLEN YOU OWN.

You will need to fill in your email address in order to submit this form. If you have more than one dog, we will document data from more than one submission from the same email address accordingly. Your email address will be removed after data is received.

Please TYPE either YES or NO, as indicated. Hitting the tab on your keyboard will move you from one field to another. When finished, please click the Submit Data button at the bottom of the page. If you make an error prior to submitting the data you may click the Reset button at the bottom of the page to clear the form and start again.

E-Mail Address:

1) Date this survey is being completed:

a) How many Glens do you own?

2) Glen's Date of birth:  

3) Sex:  

4) Spayed/Neutered? (Yes/ No)

5) At what Age?

6) How old was your dog when it left the breeder?

7) Does your dog have a tendency to submissively urinate (as opposed to the “I’m so happy to see you” greeting urination)?  (Yes / No)

8) Does your dog have a difficult time with separation?   (Yes /No)

If so, please explain:


9) Do you automatically confine your dog when the doorbell rings?

(Yes / No)

If so, why?


10) Do you attempt to hold a conversation while simultaneously holding the dog's collar?   

(Yes /No)

11) Can you bathe, dry and brush your dog without using some type of restraining device?  

(Yes/ No)

12) If your dog had a thorn in its paw, could you remove it without help?   


13) If you knew how to remove stitches from a minor injury, would your pet let you do it? 

(Yes /No)


14) Can you remove a chew toy or treat from your dog's mouth? 

(Yes /No)

15) Does your dog growl or show any aggression towards people who get too close to a favorite toy? 

(Yes/ No)   

a) Resting area?  (Yes/No)    

b) Food bowl?   (Yes/ No)


16) Does your veterinarian have to use a muzzle or other restraint when your dog is examined or treated? 

(Yes/ No)

17) Does your dog stare at you or others? (overly long eye contact)  

(Yes/ No)

18) Does your dog resist handling? (lifting, grooming, petting, hugging, rolling over onto back or side)  

(Yes / No)



19) Is your dog overly protective of a family member?   (Yes/ No)

If yes, please explain:


20) Have you ever been fearful of your dog, even if only once and for a moment?  

(Yes /No)



21) Would either of these phrases characterize your dog?

a) High Strung?   (Yes /No)

b) Nervous Disposition ?  (Yes/No)



22) Many dogs have a ‘safe’ place (under a bed, closet, crate etc.) that they retreat to in times of stress . . . are you comfortable with reaching in and hauling your dog out by its collar?

(Yes /No)  

23) Does your dog challenge strangers with barks or growls?   (Yes/ No)

24) Does your dog have to be restrained from running after joggers or bicyclists?  

(Yes /No)

25) Does your dog exhibit a desire to chase and hunt prey?  (Yes /No)

26) Is your dog aggressive towards all dogs?  (Yes/No)

27) Is your dog aggressive towards just some dogs?  (Yes/No)

28) If your dog shows any type of dog aggression, are you able to control your dog? 


a) Always? (Yes/no)

b) Sometimes? (Yes/no)

c) Never? (Yes/no)

29) Please note any that apply if you have difficulty controlling your dog:

a) Your dog pulls hard but you can drag him/her away. (Yes/No)

b) Your dog is too strong for you, won't listen and is likely to get into a fight.


c) Your dog often gets away from you. (Yes/No)

d) Your dog will bite you if you try to interfere. (Yes/No)

e) Other:


f) Comments: 


30) Has your dog ever been aggressive towards a human?   (Yes/No)

 a) Growled or lunged at a human?  (Yes/No)

  Please explain:


31) Has your dog ever bitten a human?  (Yes/No)

   a) If Yes, was the bite in the process of a dog fight?  (Yes /No)

     Please explain:


    b) If Yes and not in the process of a fight, please explain circumstances:


32) If your dog has shown any aggressive behaviors, at what age did those emerge?

 a) Aggression with other animals:


 b) Aggression with people:


33) Have you done any type of training with your Glen?  (Yes/No)

   If yes, what types of training? YES or NO

   a) Obedience:

   b) Agility:

   c) Tracking:

   d) Handling:

   e) Other:


Any other Comments you care to make regarding your Glen:


 Comments about this questionnaire:


THANK YOU for sharing about your dog.  This is a preliminary general survey that we hope will offer more information about the breed. It is not meant to be a totally comprehensive document, but one that hopefully will help to point out areas needing more research and attention.  The results of this survey will be shared with everyone who has an interest in Glens. 

Please send completed surveys to Bill Amaral  ( bamaral@oeb.harvard.edu ) by clicking the Submit Data button below. Or you may mail a completed hard copy to:  Bill Amaral, MCZ, 26 Oxford St., Cambridge MA 02138 by completing the printable form. You can contact Bill for information about this survey and results. The survey information will be shared with the Glen List and will be posted on a web site.

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